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Welcome to Operation Ground Control. I’m Joel and this is my¬†¬†mission to travel around the continent on a vegetable oil-powered bus, sharing the joy of bicycles with people.

Operation Ground Control started when I was traveling around the country with a bike shop tucked away in the trunk of my car. I realized that this was not a form of vehicle in which I could fully accomplish my mission to help people understand how you can change your life and the world around you with bicycles.

Upon returning to Florida in the fall of 2013, I hustled hard to build my own bike taxi, and use the funds from driving that to purchase a diesel shuttle bus. Now I am working to convert the bus to run on waste vegetable oil, which I will clean on board so that it is suitable to burn as fuel.

The overall mission of Operation Ground Control is to ground people everywhere, through bicycles, books, beads, beards, biofuels, bhajans, better food, badass music, and a variety of healing modalities (crystal, sound, Reiki/energy, essential oils, Chinese and eastern medicine, etc.).

OGC has partnered with a number of creative and passionate individuals to help pursue this mission, and we are always looking for more allies in the struggle to keep people grounded. Please contact us through groundcontrol47(at)gmail.com if you’re interested in getting involved!

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